Public finance management for top managers

01 December, 2017

On the 4th of April The Academy the Ministry of Finance, started a training course "public finance management".
Program was designed by The Academy of The Ministry of Finance in co-operation with Public Audit Institute. The aim of the course is to strengthen competence of top management individuals employed in budget-funded organizations and as a result, enhance their qualification and equip them with necessary skills and knowledge for high performance.
By means of collaboration of trainers of both institutions relevant skills and knowledge have been identified necessary for top managers in order to ensure effective and coordinated functioning of public organizations.
The course includes 10 modules:
• Budget system and E-budget.
• Financial-economical and fundamentals of accounting in budget-funded organizations
• Public procurement
• Financial modeling in MS Excel
• Tax law
• State property management
• Property management and disposal
• Internal (financial) control in Public Administration
• Fundamentals of internal audit
• Fundamentals of external audit