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The Academy of The Ministry of Finance ensures professional development, skills and knowledge enhancement of the employees of system of The Ministry of Finance.

The academy is a trustworthy partner for state and private sector institutions in providing the required training and skills development programs. We take care of deepening cooperation with these organizations, providing them with the necessary knowledge and experience in economic or financial field. Upon request, we implement training projects aimed at developing other professional skills as well.

The Academy collaborates with highly qualified trainers and experts of the field, specialists of the system of The Ministry of Finance, in order to offer high quality, modern, practical, flexible and tailored training programs to the interested persons.

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Tariel Chulukhadze

Academy Director

Giorgi Razmadze

Deputy Director

Lana Pirtakhia

Head of Administrative Department

Ekaterine Gogelashvili

Head of Program Management Department

Ana Margiani

Head of International Relations Department

Tamta Kavelashvili

Quality Assurance Manager

Salome Ghlonti

Public Relations and Marketing Manager

Mikheil Tskhovrebadze

Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator

Khatuna Zakariadze

International Relations Manager

Vladimer Kvachantiradze

Head of the Regional Project Department

Tamar Pirtakhia

Program Management Coordinator

Mariam Vardoshvili

International Relations Coordinator

Tatia Berianidze

Program Management Coordinator

Tea Kuchava

Program Management Coordinator

Gocha Mosashvili

Data Processing and Optimization Analyst

Rusudan Dobadzishvili

Regional Project Coordinator

Qristine Enuqidze

State Procurement Coordinator

Evgeni Esadze

Logistics Assurance Manager

Omar Oqropiridze

The person Responsible for Providing Public Information and the Person Responsible for Labor Safety Issues

Maia Berianidze

Regional Project Coordinator

Ucha Kurdadze

Person Responsible for Personal Data Protection

Tea Lolashvili

Financial Assurance Manager

Giorgi Tchitchinadze

Program Management Coordinator

Darejan Demurashvili

Financial Assurance Coordinator

Davit Phartenadze

Regional Project Coordinator