The Academy of the Ministry of Finance provides knowledge and professional skills development of the employees of the system of the Ministry of Finance, as well as the increase of opportunities for sustainable development of career and self-realization. 

The Academy is a reliable partner of public and private organizations in terms of training of employees, raising their qualifications and developing necessary professional skills. Within the framework of the partnership, the Academy of the Ministry of Finance provides the necessary professional skills and knowledge to the employees of these organizations in economic, financial or other fields. Upon request, the Academy also implements targeted training projects focused on the development of professional skills.

The Academy of the Ministry of Finance collaborates with highly qualified trainers and experts of the field, including specialists of the Ministry of Finance system. MOF Academy offers high-quality, modern, practical and flexible training programs fully tailored to the needs of trainees. 

LEPL the Academy of the Ministry of Finance has developed a strategy for 2015-2020 based on the accumulated knowledge and experience, in cooperation with stakeholders and considering future priorities.  The Academy has updated its strategy for 2021-2025 considering latest achievements and trends. The strategy has been renewed with active involvement of the EU Delegation to Georgia and its experts. The updated strategy includes the opinions of each employee of the Academy, as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, the Academy's partner trainers and representatives of international partners.

The Academy’s team perfectly understands the importance of permanent education and skills/qualification development training in an ever-changing environment, which means increasing motivation, innovative approaches, workflow optimization and more flexibility. Accordingly, the Academy’s team is constantly striving to improve services, to introduce sophisticated and modern teaching methodologies and share best practices. 

The strategy for 2021-2025 of the MOF Academy sets out the vision, mission, priority goals of the organization and the measures planned to achieve these goals. 

The strategy of the academy includes all the priority directions related to the work processes and the necessary conditions for their provision. Updated organizational structure, qualified and motivated staff, well-planned activities, enhanced ongoing cooperation with international partners and support from the Ministry of Finance are main guarantees of full achievement of the strategic goals for 2021-2025.